Emily Harger

"Not My President"

The streets of Oakland, CA erupted after the 2016 election of Donald Trump. Each night following November 8, 2016 around 5pm, the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza filled with thousands to share space with others who feel the same anger towards a President-elect they didn't feel represented their American values. Topics such as immigration policy, police brutality, systemic racism, women's rights, and climate change were discussed in the plaza before taking the streets. Despite property damage, broken windows, and street fires from a small percentage of protesters, the majority of protesters were peaceful and chants of "Peaceful protest!" echoed any act of damage towards the city of Oakland. 

Days later amongst a crowd of thousands, one woman raised both of her hands and held two peace signs in the air. Like dominoes, one by one every person surrounding a still body of water raised there hands as well. The moment was impromptu, but embodied solidarity.


Berkeley, CA 94702